Why It Is Important for a Freelancer to Exercise

Freelancers gain weight while working at home – or most do.

For the first few months of transitioning to home based work, you probably engage in some sort of physical activity, the same ones you were doing while working in the corporate world. It may be going to the gym everyday, doing Zumba, Yoga or other forms of exercises.

As time progresses, it becomes easier to just stay at home, especially once you’ve gotten used to not dealing with the horrendous traffic situation that other people have to contend with everyday.

However, exercise is an important part of life, not just because you want to maintain a lean and fit body. When you work at home, and at night (for those in a different time zone than their clients), you have unlimited access to the contents of your fridge and no one to tell you when you can or cannot eat. The temptation to raid that gallon of ice cream becomes a reality as it is within your reach. In no time, you will notice extra weight piling up on the scale. The more weight you put on, the harder it is to shed. In time, a sedentary lifestyle, coupled with weight gain, will lead to health complications that you don’t want to deal with.

How do you keep active?

Most freelancers do not like routine, hence the switch to a non traditional type of work. With exercise, you do need some sort of plan or you will continually find excuses not to do it and just plow through the work that is waiting on your desk. You can decide to work out every morning, afternoon or evening as long as you stick with the schedule. Don’t let that ton of emails in your inbox distract you from moving. Or the notifications on your Facebook.

Look for an activity that you will enjoy and will satisfy the need for your body to be active and sweating. Don’t want to go out and head to the gym? There are a lot of body weight exercises that you can do at home. YouTube is your friend. The drawback to this is that you don’t have anyone to work out with, unless a family member or friend is willing to do it with you.

If you are feeling a little lonely and craving human interaction, then by all means, head to the nearest gym and work out with a group. Or ask a friend to go with you. This will give you the chance to exercise, catch up with what’s going on in the outside world and take a break from looking at the computer and the four walls of your own home.

For sports enthusiasts, there are always activities such as basketball, badminton and volleyball, among others. Courts are usually available for rent by the hour. You just need to coordinate a schedule with your peers so you can all play together. Or you can join a cycling group and visit places that you’ve never been to without spending for transportation. This is one of the most satisfying exercise you will ever get.

Walking groups are a thing nowadays. Every community has one. You don’t have to be close friends with all the people in the group, you just have to be able to get along with them for a couple of hours that it takes to walk from one place to another. Weather permitting, you get a good workout and a chance to chat with your neighbors over trivial or important matters.

Yoga is a great choice for someone who likes a quiet type of workout that stimulates both mind and body. It relieves stress and renews your energy for the next day. As a bonus, you get to meet people from all walks of life and exchange ideas with them.

Whatever form of activity you choose, make sure it is one that you will appreciate, will fit your current lifestyle and you can commit to it. Life is not meant to be lived just by working and earning money. You have to grow as a person and you can’t do this by staying cooped up in your home, even if you do enjoy it. Eventually, the isolation will get to you and it will affect your mental and physical health. So go out and be active! Your body needs it.

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3 thoughts on “Why It Is Important for a Freelancer to Exercise

  1. Great article! I’m a big advocate of carving out time for some sort of physical activity every day, whether it be a walk, jog, drop-in game, or a trip to the gym.

    You have to commit to looking after yourself, just like all your other commitments!

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