The Best Hiring Process I’ve Gone Through

Ever been through an application process? I’m sure most of us have. It usually involves registration, waiting for your name to be called, initial interview, waiting for 2 hours for the results, exam, waiting another 2 hours, another exam, another 2 hours, final interview, 2 more hours and so on…

If you are lucky, it will be a one day process but if not then you need to come back another day for more waiting. And it’s really not the waiting that gets to you. It’s the time that you are sitting there and no one is talking to you or telling you what’s going on, what is the next step. The only people who you can talk to are the applicants like yourself who have the same questions you have.

I have recently gone through an application process after leaving my job 2 months ago. When I got to the site, I submitted my resume just like any other applicant and informed the person on the front desk that I am supposed to be scheduled for initial interview as that’s what the person on the phone told me. After a few minutes, one of the members of the talent acquisition team came out and advised me I have to go through a 2 hour test and proceeded to give me instructions all the while assuring me that I can ask her questions anytime. When I finished the test, she made me wait for about 15 minutes then informed me that I am scheduled for an interview. The manager who did the interview was very nice as well. She told me that the feedback will be available in a short while so I will know what is the next step. After a few minutes, I was told that I am scheduled for a final interview at 12 midnight and if that is alright with me. I of course agreed since I do want the job. When I got home, I received a text message confirming my schedule for the interview that night. It went off beautifully. The director was on time and very accommodating. I was told that I will get a call for the results. In most cases, getting an “I’ll call you” message is a death toll for an applicant but not for this one. I did get a call the morning after and was told to come in. The same recruiter spoke with me and congratulated me for passing all the stages of the application. She then proceeded to explain all the requirements needed for us to commence with the job offer.

Having worked since I was 18, I’ve gone through numerous application processes but never have I experienced one as pleasant as this. And it’s not only because I passed but more so because of the way the recruiter went out of her way to ensure that each applicant feels comfortable with the process. She encourages and congratulates every time a milestone is passed. If all recruiters or talent acquisition representatives are like her, everyone will be writing about the best hiring process they’ve gone through; this one certainly inspired me. Thank you Ron of TeleTech.


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